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Paris with Gerard @superchinois801

My name is Gerard, I was born in Paris, and I live in suburbs now. Paris is amazing. I live here 37 years, and there are always something to do, to discover.I always surprise by the photos that i can do in Paris, I have always find new places, new ideas, new compositions, i have so much inspirations here.  For all the days, i work in paris and i always find new restaurants to tests , meet new peoples. You have always something special to do and discover in paris. Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… – MONTMARTRE. I work very close to this part of Paris, it’s like a village. In the morning, you can feel like a parisian if you come early, and you have so much place for the shootings. – La SAINTE CHAPELLE. This small Chapel is so beautiful, you can’t come to Paris without visiting it inside, it’s something that you must put on your to do list. – Louvre Museum. This place is so incredible, so much arts here, you can stay one day and discover so much paints. And you know what ? You have sometimes an amazing view from the different floors. Your favourite Parisian Brands For me Galerie LAFAYETTE is the best Parisian brand.It’s super famous aroud the world, a lot of tourists come here and the place is so crazy. For me, it’s the shop that you must visit if you come to Paris. Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… So many things happen in Paris. You must know that after midnight Paris become special and you have so many adventures to live. What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? I like try new restaurants, discover new shops, take a coffee in the café with friends.I dislike the transport, when you take the trains (ligne 13 or RER C for example ), there are always problems or it’s super full of people. What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? La nuit blanche, once a year, you can visit special places in Paris during the whole night with incredible installations. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? I don’t really have advice for you but I just want that you discover it by yourself, forget about maps in your smartphone and be lost in the streets, you always be surprised by this beautiful city. Thank you Gerard for telling us about your city. To connect with Gerard IG @superchinois801

Chatting with Cengiz @adagionstudio the Best Luxury Wedding Photography Team in France

Adagion Studio was founded in New York City in 2008. We subsequently opened a second studio in sunny Miami. Our typical client wanted photos that felt and looked real with a good blend of candid photojournalism and editorial fine art. Eventually, we started winning national and international awards and were featured in the most authoritative bridal publications and even bigger-than-life news outlets, such as CNN, abc. The Huffington Post, TIME, and others. In turn, many top wedding planners and celebrity clients took note of us, and couples opted to fly us around the globe to document their love stories. One such couple were Kate and Adam, who hired us for a veritable Paris adventure with 25 hours of non-stop photos. Unlike many of the existing local portrait photographers, we took a fresh approach with the very first sunrise photoshoots at Trocadero. We were also the first to pop Champagne at Moulin Rouge and capture the vivid Blue Hour with continuous light sources as opposed to flash. During the Kate & Adam couple shoot, we met Fran, the owner of The Paris Photographer. He and we teamed up to create Kiss Me in Paris, which quickly became a household name among the most discerning venues and vendors. 2 years ago, we were selected as the exclusive Royal Photographer for the wedding of Princess Ameerah at Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicompte and last year were named ‘“Best Luxury Wedding Photography Team in France.’ Why is Paris so special to you? We love Paris because the City of Lights and Love offers the perfect mix between iconic, romantic, and ever-changing fun photo spots. The city photographs well in any weather, time of the day, and season. Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… So while it may sound a tad cliché, my favorite spot is likely greater Montmartre, including its vibrant cafés, La Maison Rose (not big fans of its owners :-), and the stairs below Sacré Coeur. I also absolutely LOVE Moulin Rouge. It is not romantic. That is for sure. But with the right Parisian photographer, it is incredible fun and beyond iconic. Just imagine popping a delicious bottle of Champagne and spraying anyone who has the courage not to move out of the way. The third location for photos is almost certainly the Louvre. The Louvre works well at anytime of the day and even when it is raining. Palais Royal, Tuileries Gardens, and Pont des Arts are within 5-minutes walking distance. In other words, you should expect insane photo variety when you hire us for a 2-3 hour shoot. Your favourite Parisian Brands Angelina, Pierre Hermé and Cédric Grolet for out of this world treats. In terms of fashion, I love Charvet for shirts and ties and JM Weston for artisan handmade shoes. Ha, for women it would be the usual … Chanel, Louboutin, etc. Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… Given how much I walk in Paris on a daily basis, almost no day goes by without some funny story. During a recent shoot at Moulin Rouge, my couple was popping a Champagne in front of Moulin Rouge. There is a platform immediately above the metro with insane ventilation from below. It is perfect for creating an other-earthly Champagne spray. But little did my bride imagine that her dress would also blow up and make for the ultimate Marilyn Monroe moment. Ha :-). She played it off well and the dozens of spectators around us fell in love with her playfulness. What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? There is plenty to love about Paris. Its unparalleled beauty, the walking-nature of getting around town, the yummy restaurants and cafes, shopping, macarons, …If there is one thing that annoys me it is that folks do not clean up after their dogs. It has more than once led to me spending precious time cleaning my shoes 🙂 What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? I love the candlelight show at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. It is beyond romantic and awe-inspiring. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? Do not expect what you are use to from America or you will be disappointed. Instead appreciate what makes Paris unique, such as its fabulous architecture, delicious cuisine, central location for international travel, good healthcare and public school, and more. To connect: Instagram @adagionstudio

Discovering Paris with Paola, De Campos @paoladecampos

I come from Rio de Janeiro, a city of sea, nature, music and where the sun shines all year round. Rio is a magic city, but after 4 years of studies in International Relations, Paris was my dream destination.I came to Paris to learn French and then I did a 2-year Master’s degree at Paris Sorbonne. After my Masters I started working in the Beauty Industry and as a Content Creator and Photographer. Living in Paris brought out a new version of me which is perfectly described by: “Being a Parisian is not about being born in Paris, it is about being reborn there.”  Moving to Paris has changed the way I think, dress, eat, communicate and see the world. Paris is the city where I found a fascinating culture, inspiration for what I photograph / write and the love of my life. Why is Paris so special to you? I am the kind of person who always tries to find an answer to everything. Except when the question is “where you’ll live if it is not Paris”? Every time I think about living anywhere else, I tell myself that there is so much to discover in Paris and my life here is just beginning.. Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… A typical Parisian Café: Café de Flore is a historical place in a charming neighborhood. A museum where you can combine art + a creative shooting: Musée Rodin or Musée de Orsay A fashion place: Galeries Lafayette, to feel like you are in a fashion movie and then visit their rooftop to admire one of the best views in the city. Your favourite Parisian Brands I love the BHV concept: a place where you can find decoration, clothes, food, books, shoes, etc.About fashion, I would say the & Other Stories collection made in Parisian Ateliers and for shoes the creative models from JONAK. Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… Countless funny stories will happen to you if you decide to move to Paris without speaking French. (#emilyinparisfeeling) When you live in another language, there will always be words that you struggle with. At the beginning, I couldn’t pronounce the word “success” without saying sucecSEXY “the funniest time was when I was in a meeting with just Parisians and I said” this project will be a sucecSEXY “ What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? I appreciate that: art and history are in every corner of the city, wonderful museums, theaters and cinemas are as easy to find as eclectic clubs and bars. And you can see people from all over the world, especially in the famous Parisian metro. I can’t believe that: In 2021, we have to print a lot of documents and make appointments( the famous rendez-vous) for almost everything… Also the service: It is better not to come to Paris expecting big smiles and “how can I help you”? What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? Something ephemeral that I love the concept is the “Cinéma en plein air” which is an Open Air Film Festival.A cultural highlight every summer with a different theme each time. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? As Audrey Hepburn says, “ Paris is always a good idea.” Stay focused, positive and always have in mind what brought you here. Ah, and don’t forget to buy a Navigo(metro pass) and take pictures along the way… Thank you Paola for sharing your story with us. To connect with Paola: Instagram @paoladecampos

Parisian Story with Chey Anne @lamourdeparis

Some would say that I had been manifesting our move to Paris for years. I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower when I first saw it at 9 y ears old. I kept begging my husband to plan a trip to Paris so we could kiss all around the city . And I had numerous items of Parisian decor in our home. We finally planned our trip to Paris to visit our own wedding photographer, and we had an amazing time. Her and her husband showed us all of the charming parts of Paris. A couple of weeks after returning home to the U.S., a comment was made in gest to her by my husband saying that we had thought of what it would be like to live in Paris many times since our trip. She immediately replied and said, “Do it!!” She was wanting to grow her business and was prepared to take on extra help. We thought about it for a few weeks, creating all kinds of pros and cons lists and how this crazy notion could actually become a reality. Obviously , we said yes! However, our friend and her husband ended up having to return to the states for work, so she basically left us the business with a big bow not wanting to see it simply disappear after all shehad put into it. Almost 5 years later, (where in the world does time go?!) we’re still here running L’amour de Paris. Why is Paris so special to you? Paris is special to me because it’s made me grow in ways I didn’t know I needed to grow. Living here is constantly forcing me out of my comfort zone time and time again. Being able to make this kind of move and transition also made us feel like we could truly accomplish anything we put our minds to, so we tend to be more persistent when we hit the inevitable road blocks of life. Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… Our trip to Paris in 2015 to visit Stacy was actually our second trip to France, but the first time was a whirlwind European vacation — trying to see everything as though we’d never return. We honestly felt a little let down by Paris at the time, but it was because we painted a very different picture in our minds of how the trip would go. We love to eat, and by fault of our own, our schedule just wasn’t conducive to fitting in a Michelin restaurant while we were here because we didn’t plan in advance to have reservations etc.   During our time in France for that first trip abroad we visited Beaune, France in the Burgundy wine region. We stayed at an incredible Bed and Breakfast where we immediately fell in love with the hosts because they were so warm and welcoming. We didn’t speak any French at the time, and they didn’t speak any English, yet we still bonded. We call them our adopted French grandparents.   Fast forward to the second visit in France, and we decided we had to return to visit them again, and I can tell you this visit forever changed our lives. Do you ever keep going back somewhere for the people, and not necessarily the location? This time we knew a few more words in French, and we were all armed with Google Translate on our phones this time, so between that and playing charades we were able to communicate quite well. Well, they ended up inviting us into their home for lunch. It turned into a very traditional lunch — beautiful table cloth and silverware, multiple courses, and multiple bottles of wine shared amongst the four of us. The moments that occurred at that table were so perfect they felt like they were made for a movie! I had to pinch myself to believe this was my life I was living! Literally as we played La Vie en Rose on one of our phones, tears of joy filled my eyes.   We weren’t sure why that day was so incredible and amazing, but we knew that it felt life-changing and that it would lead us somewhere, someday, somehow. And again, we left there knowing that we had to see them again. Our lives had been enriched immensely from our brief time with them. So when the opportunity to move to Paris fell into our laps, we knew looking back that they had a played a role in us taking the leap of faith. And we have been back to see them… in fact, I think it’s time for another trip soon! Your favourite Parisian Brands Oh wow! That’s a tough one. With the move to France and smaller living space, we definitely live a more minimalist lifestyle, but as I mentioned before, we do share the love and respect of food that is prevalent in French culture. Some of our favorite delicacies are macarons from Laduree or eclairs from L’Eclair de Genie, hot chocolate from Angelina… We’ve also been fortunate enough to enjoy some very nice meals at some of the finest Michelin restaurants, with our meals at L’Arpege and Ledoyen ranking as some of our favorites ever. Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… The rules are ever-changing for what is permitted on the Champs de Mars for Fete Nationale. We always plan a pretty big spread, but we’re always nervous about wine bottles being confiscated, etc. (We have since learned it’s best to pour your wine into plastic because it is the glass they do not want inside the barriers.) At the wider perimeter checkpoint a couple of years ago, my husband advised that myself and my friend take the big market cart through as we may have better luck with the guy checking. He’s running his metal detector wand along the bag and it’s beeping (unbeknownst to me at the time, my husband had put metal, spiral glass holders in the bag). Nervously hoping he wouldn’t insist on going through the entire bag, I tell him, “C’est juste fromage.” It’s just cheese! 🙂 As if the market cart that’s half my size is completely filled with cheese. We still laugh about that one to this day. What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? Let’s see, I love not having a car. I enjoy the fact that there are many modes of transportation easily available. We’ve even recently begun using the trottinettes more. We also love the fresh markets and all the specialty stores.   I don’t like that I’m so far from my family, but video chat calls help immensely. We also could do without strike season, but acknowledge that many times it does serve a purpose and those striking generally get results. What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? We adore the area of Montmartre, but being from New Orleans, the small streets have a charm that reminds us of home. It’s also the artists area, so it always feels alive, and it’s always a great place to people watch. We also love the free rooftop views at Galeries Lafayette and picnics in any of the parks, but we especially love the Tuileries and Jardin du Luxembourg. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? Hmmm…if they aren’t French and they have to go through the visa process, I would tell them to be patient and prepare themselves mentally first that it will be challenging. There will be points that it feels impossible, but you simply have to regroup and find a solution. And sometimes that solution is convincing other people to help you. Even five years later we have to do this sometimes, but we’re more prepared for it now, and understand much better how to navigate through it all. The biggest thing though, if you really want it, don’t give up!  When my husband was doing some research for the Best Man’s toast at his best friend’s wedding, he came across a Napoleon quote that goes something like, “in victory or defeat, we drink champagne!” This has become our French motto! And trust me, there have been bottles popped for both occasions! Thank you Chey Anne for sharing your Parisian Story with us! To connect with Chey Anne: Instagram @lamourdeparis

MyParisStyle with Gloria @villagloria

Gloria Villa is a professional boudoir and portrait photographer based in Paris. Coming to Paris was always her dream but she almost didn’t make it … GV: Growing up in Colombia – Latinamerica, coming to Paris seemed imposible at some point. With the very week currency of my country, it was difficult to think I could come to Europe, let along living in the city I was obsessed with since I can remember.  It took a full life crisis (I’m talking about 2 weeks in the hospital very close to not making it, a heart break, a professional career failure and depression) to actually realize life is too short to be afraid and when there’s a will there’s a way… That’s how I ended up as a student in Paris, in a public university with the determination of becoming a photographer, and that’s just what I did.  I’m not going to say there were not difficulties but along the way I found amazing people like Fran Boloni (the Paris Photographer) and Cengiz Ozelsel (from Kiss me in Paris) who helped me become the professional photographer I am today.  Currently I manage my 2 businesses: and I specialize in boudoir photography in order to give women the ultimate Parisian experience with sensual photographs that would make them feel and look fantastic and that would boost their confidence and self-love.  With my portrait photography I seek to capture those special memories created in the most romantic city on earth (guess which? That’s right… Paris: The city of lights) So there you go, a true Paris fan who never get’s tired or used to it’s beauty and that is eager to share it with the world. Why is Paris so special to you? What I love about Paris is it’s capacity to always surprise me. Going out for a walk is an adventure and you never know what you’re going to see.  Other cities can be very predictable… You go to the same bars, meet the same people and talk about the same things because everyone has a similar background.  Paris is a melting pot, here are people of every nationality, with different religions, ideas, occupations and passions. You never know what you’re going to get and I LOVE that.  Also, the obvious… Do I have to talk about how impressive the architecture is? I mean, after living here for 7 years I still walk though the Seine river and it takes my breath away. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… 1. Visit the inside of the Opera Garnier: Seriously, so many people that come to Paris skip this and it should be mandatory, more than standing in line for hours to see the Mona Lisa for 2 minutes. 2. Societé General Bank next to the Opera Garnier: What? A bank? Are you kidding me? I kid you not! That’s one of the most impressive architectural interiors I’ve seen in my life. It’s mind blowing and it’s free! (you cannot take pictures, though, it’s a bank after all) 3. The rooftop of Printemps: One of the best views from the city, it’s really amazing and also free (thank me later) Tell us about your favourite Parisian Brands I love food so, for me restaurants would be my favorite brands. I’m specially fan of the Publisher in the 17th arrondissement, the Beuf Thai is to die for (if you don’t like you meet too cooked, if you do, don’t ruin your meet and order something else, like the Guinness cheese burger, it’s amazing as well) Although I have to say this is France, give it rare meat a try, the French are right regarding this 🙂 Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… I’m a professional photographer shooting people from all over the world. I have thousands of stories.  Although, one that comes to mind was from a couple from India, they were both college students in the US and their parents arranged them a blind date. They went to get off the hook, thinking OMG this is so boring our parents trying to get us a partner.  When they met it was instant sparkles… 9 days (yes… you read right) got married and even their best friends from college didn’t come to the wedding thinking it was a prank! I met them because they wanted to celebrate they’re 10th year anniversary with a photoshoot in Paris, along with their little girl, and let me tell you, they were madly in love. Now they live in Canada and have an other boy. What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? As I already mentioned I love the variety that Paris offers as well as the architecture. What I don’t love is who limited spaces are. I love big apartments and big houses and of course that’s a luxury most people cannot afford in the city. What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? I would say, go for a walk and let the city surprise you. I specially love Saint Germain, Le Marais and the Opera area… Ohhh and almost forgot, there’s a rooftop bar in the top of the BHV department store called Le Perchoir, totally worth going there to see the sunset and have drinks. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? To live in Paris you have to have a thick skin.  You’ll find amazing people but you also will meet the rudest people you’ve seen in your entire life.  So don’t take things personal, be a mirror. Understand that everyone has it’s own struggles and that you’re just a mear accidente, you just happened to be there and they were just throwing all their own frustrations at you, but that actually has nothing to do with you.  So go to your inner peace and keep going, that’s the way to survive in this city. Thank you Gloria for sharing your Parisian story with us! To connect with Gloria follow the link below: @villagloria

Where to shoot the Eiffel Tower in blooming?

✨Champ de Mars ⠀⠀Undoubtedly, you will find numerous photogenic places to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower in almond and magnolia blossom. Start your route from École Military and heading to Avenue Anatole where you can catch the Iron Lady in all its beauty. ⠀⠀✨Parc de Saint Cloud It’s located high and majestic above the city. The perfect place to escape the city for the day and enjoy the Eiffel Tower in its full size. ⠀⠀Comment if you find information under this post useful!  

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