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Best macarons in Paris

You often ask me where to buy the best macarons in Paris. So, I decided to write a post devoted to the most alluring French pastry.

Laduree macarons

It seems to be impossible now not to include a visit to Ladurée in your Parisian trip and to miss a chance to take a picture like this or like this…I was a little bit sceptic about Ladurée at first as considered it to be a kind of tourist trap. Today, I should admit that I was wrong, although Ladurée restaurant still looks to me more like a place to show off…well, it’s my personal opinion.  So, a few words about macarons… I like a great selection of macarons with the flavours one can hardly imagine. On the contrary, I can’t say that I really enjoy the macaron texture, for me it was not delicate enough comparing to other macarons I’ve tried. 
Pierre Hermé

Pierre Herme

For the first time I tried Pierre Herme macarons in Clarins Spa located in Royal Monceau Hotel. Either I was hungry after swimming for the whole day, but I really enjoyed these delicate macarons. To make sure that they were really delicious, I bought a few macarons for New Year. Yes, I confirm…these macarons have a very pleasant structure and balanced flavors (chocolate is my favorite one).

Le Notre macarons
I have rarely seen any reviews about Lenôtre macarons on the web. Actually, Lenôtre was founded in 1957 by a famous pâtissier Gaston Lenôtre. In 1971 he opened his school which is known around the world. There are a few boutiques and restaurants of this brand in Paris where you can buy tasty macarons together with chocolates or have lunch. For me Lenôtre macarons are the most delicate that I have ever tried (sorry Pierre Hermé). I really like their natural flavours and they melt away as soon as you hold them in your mouth. I fell in love with Jasmin flavor…
I have also learnt that they organize a cuisine course, so perhaps one day I will have a chance to learn their secret of delicious macarons.

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