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Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace: The integration of history, fashion and wild nature.


The weekend trip started from Warwickshire heading to Oxfordshire to the place called Blenheim Palace. The road trip takes not more than 1,5 hour and you are there.  The view of the gorgeous palace will be showcased to everyone just entering the central gate. The ticket price is relatively expensive, at the first sight (21-25pounds), bit it is worth a visit.

Speaking about the palace, this is the pompous place where Dior organised they catwalk for Spring/Summer 2017. Being inside it easy to grasp why this place was chosen among the others. The style, architecture, the history of the Palace rooted to Duke’s dynasty  (ancestor of W. Churchill) will win the heart of everyone looking for beauty, elegance and gracefulness.

The Palace is visited by hundred of people each year at occasions of all sizes, therefore, there are so many couples who eager to celebrate their weddings in the certain place.

Leaving the Palace and moving to the direction of the park, you will come through the water terrace leading to the charming garden with a lake view. Turned on the right, the field path will direct you to a small waterfall running into a lake. You will enjoy a walk around the lake perceiving spring air full of flowers scent.

As a matter of fact, the tree hedged has been famous for Harry Potter film. The scene was filmed right there, however there is no sign telling this, because volunteers endeavor to hide that place from a tourist stream.

Last, but not the least, take a rest and drink coffee looking at sunset after the long walking day.

If you are fancy of Art, nature and palaces come over to delight your eyes.

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