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Disneyland Park in Paris: which park to choose?

Hi Kate, thank you for your email!

Your Q: Which Disneyland Park in Paris would you recommend to visit: Disneyland park or Walt Disney Studios Park (we have only one day for this).

My A: I’ve been to 2 parks: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios Park, and I can say that of course both are worth visiting. In my opinion, the first park is a better option for you if you travel with small kids since there is a bigger choice of rides and attractions for them.
Moreover, I think that this park is more likely to be associated with a fairy tale thanks to a brilliant design, cozy (but expensive) cafes and small boutiques selling Disney souvenirs.
As for the second one, it’s mostly about discovering the secrets of Disney animation that might be a little bit boring for kids. While my visit, I found that there were fewer families with small children than in Disneyland Park. As for the rides, it seems to me that they are also more adult-oriented and I would attribute the label of ‘Big Thrill’ to many of them!

Personnally, I like more Disneyland Park for its magic atmosphere! Hope, it will help you to make your choice! Have fun!


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