Dubai Mall beats the Eiffel tower !

What ? There is a tourist attraction more visited in the world than The Eiffel Tower ?! And it is not Galeries Lafayette ? OMG !!
The Eiffel Tower+ Times Square+ Disney World= Dubai Mall (UAE)
A small calculation that means that one of the most visited tourist attraction in the world is Dubai Mall , the mall which is larger than 50 football pitches and that houses 1,200 stores, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, an aquarium, 14,000 parking spaces, and a Boeing 737 flight simulator Well, it is no wonder that Dubai Mall is visited by as many people as 3 world-known sites like The Eiffel Tower, Times Square ans Disney World attract together.
I remember my first visit of this amazing place! With all the gorgeous decorations it has, the mall could be a real Palace of Paradise. It is easy to get lost there and to make several tours around the mall without realizing it!

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