French food

French food from supermarket

My friends often ask me what I eat in Paris and what kind of products I buy in supermarkets while living in Paris. 

To start by saying that my favourite supermarkets in Paris for shopping are Auchan, Lecrec and Monoprix. The last one I find to be more expensive, but since it’s close to my house, it’s a big advantage. 

France is famous for French cuisine, and I started to understand why. There is such a great choice of products that you want to buy everything at once. To avoid this, I bought a book “Cuisine Facile” by Larousee and now I buy only the products I need for my recipes. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. Anyway, it helps me to get to know French cuisine better. When I have some more time, I’ll publish some of my home-made plates on my blog.

fromage france mps

Being a cheese lover, you can imagine that France is a paradise for me. Every week I try to buy a new kind of cheese, and I’m too far to have tasted everything they have in la rayon. Among my favorites are compté, brie, bleu.

Wine is another French pride. There are thousands of bottles in big supermarkets with the price starting from 2 euros to 60000 euro a bottle. I like sweet white wine like Sauterne or Monbazillac.

As for cakes and bread I prefer to buy it in a holy place called boulangerie, but it’s another story…

Pain au chocolat

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