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Hélène Nepomiatzi: practical bags

Hélène Nepomiatzi is a new french brand created and designed by Hélène Nepomiatzi, a woman who has a huge experience in fashion working side by side with Hermès, Karl Lagerfeld and Céline before creating her own brand. Let’s see what makes the brand worthy of notice.

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First of all, the brand is heavily steeped in environmental conservation philosophy.

All products are made in France, near Tours. The idea behind the brand is  to apply to “salvage leather”  in order to protect the environment as much as possible.

Therefore, the collections are limited, because bulk production is not what the brand focuses on  rather than exclusivity, handcrafting, affordability and practicability.

The vision of light and practical bags rooted in Hélène’s vision of a new generation of business women who move a lot during a day (like in the subway, on the train…).

“I find a lot of inspiration in everyday life, It’s important for me to exchange the ideas with the artisans even if I create the models for myself” – says Hélène Nepomiatzi.

The bag Grigri (the round one with a circle) was inspired by Africa, and more precisely, the rings represent the slaves freedom, but it’s also a reference to the equestrian saddlery. Especially with the bag with the snaphook.

Hélène Nepomiatzi is a brand full of diversity and  unique products. Don’t miss a chance to get it first.

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