Highlights: March 2014

Dear All,

One month ago I started this blog and I already have a great number of readers. I would like to thank you for your support since it isn’t not so easy to start blogging. If you like my blog, please, do not hesitate to like my page on facebook, become my followers in Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! And I’m always happy to answer your questions!

So, what was interesting in March 2014?

1. I started my blog 🙂

2. Premiere Class and THE BOX were held in Paris. These events were in line with Paris fashion week since only outstanding designers presented their collections there (read more).

3. I was invited at avant-premiere ehxibition of Van Gogh / Artaud. The Man Suicided by Society @ Musée d’Orsay, Paris (read more).

4. Many sweets and french pastries were eaten during world bakery trade show and International Confectionery Art Competition (read more).

5. Aquabiking in an individual cabin was tested (read more).

6. My beauty case is now ready for spring (read more).

Kusmi Tea gift card is still waiting for his owner!

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