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Paris with Gerard @superchinois801

My name is Gerard, I was born in Paris, and I live in suburbs now. Paris is amazing. I live here 37 years, and there are always something to do, to discover.I always surprise by the photos that i can do in Paris, I have always find new places, new ideas, new compositions, i have so much inspirations here.  For all the days, i work in paris and i always find new restaurants to tests , meet new peoples. You have always something special to do and discover in paris. Tell us about 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris… – MONTMARTRE. I work very close to this part of Paris, it’s like a village. In the morning, you can feel like a parisian if you come early, and you have so much place for the shootings. – La SAINTE CHAPELLE. This small Chapel is so beautiful, you can’t come to Paris without visiting it inside, it’s something that you must put on your to do list. – Louvre Museum. This place is so incredible, so much arts here, you can stay one day and discover so much paints. And you know what ? You have sometimes an amazing view from the different floors. Your favourite Parisian Brands For me Galerie LAFAYETTE is the best Parisian brand.It’s super famous aroud the world, a lot of tourists come here and the place is so crazy. For me, it’s the shop that you must visit if you come to Paris. Anything funny that happened to you in Paris… So many things happen in Paris. You must know that after midnight Paris become special and you have so many adventures to live. What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris? I like try new restaurants, discover new shops, take a coffee in the café with friends.I dislike the transport, when you take the trains (ligne 13 or RER C for example ), there are always problems or it’s super full of people. What is on in Paris that is worth a visit? La nuit blanche, once a year, you can visit special places in Paris during the whole night with incredible installations. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris? I don’t really have advice for you but I just want that you discover it by yourself, forget about maps in your smartphone and be lost in the streets, you always be surprised by this beautiful city. Thank you Gerard for telling us about your city. To connect with Gerard https://superchinois801.com IG @superchinois801

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