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Paris with Laura (@thildainparis)

Today we have an interview with Laura who is a blogger and a mother  at the same time.

-Laura, tell us your story how you decided to become a blogger and who is your audience?

– After having my second baby, I could not return back to my old job, which I loved, but which required me to travel back and forth between Germany and Paris a lot. With only one child I did monthly trips, but I could no longer do that with two as travelling with small children is quite stressful.

So last May, when I was still in maternity leave my little sister visited me in Paris and we were talking about how I would love to start something of my own and do something which I love. Two days later in May 2017 I created my Instagram page ThildainParis.

My audience are mothers, mothers-to-be and simply women, who want to exchange their view points with each other, and who want to assist each other in everyday struggles. Women are way stronger when they connect with each other, rely on each other. That is the goal of my Instagram and website

– What do you find the most rewarding about being a blogger?

– Rewarding is exactly what I mentioned above. I can help some mothers who are struggling. When I had my first baby, I was the first one among my friends who started a family, so I had no real support system and did not know what I am in for. And those difficulties during the first months do not have to be difficulties if you have support.  I could help some other women with some topics I brought up. 

 What would you advice people who are interested in a blogging career?

– If you have a job that you love, DO NOT go into blogging. Blogging should be a passion, but it will quickly become a full-time job. Blogging and connecting with your community do not stop at 5pm or on the weekends. Either you are in 100% (and this is something which affects your whole family) or I advice just following blogs and being semi-active. I see many mothers with “normal” jobs and big families who are constantly on Instagram and this I do not fully understand. We all should find a good balance between our online and offline lives. I think this is a big challenge of our generation.

– Where do you get inspiration?

– My inspiration is my lovely (and sometimes crazy) children Paul & Mathilda, our Parisian apartment and, of course, the city of lights itself, Paris.

– What does Paris make so special to you?

– The history, the monuments, the beauty of the architecture & the food. You just get pleeeeeenty of everything here.

– 3 most exciting places to visit in Paris.

– The “quais” of Seine. Start your walk a bit after the Eiffel Tower (on the side of the Tour Eiffel) and go towards the Grand Palais, the Louvre and switch around the Louvre to the other side and continue your walk. This will be the most magical experience and there are many little places where you can stop for a drink.

Personally, Notre-Dame is one of the most magical buildings in Paris and one of my favorite. 

As I am a mother, I need the kids to stay busy, so I also suggest visiting the newly reopened Jardin d’Acclimatation, which costs only 5 Euros and features many animals, restaurants, rollercoaster, picnic spots etc. You can spend the whole day there and your kids will love it and fall asleep happy at night.

– How being in Paris does help you in your goal achievement?

– Blogging is, of course, a very competitive sector and your competitors are not just in the same city. So while just being another Mommy blogger, Paris helps me to be different and to bring a bit of magic & history into my feed.

– What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris?

– Of course I love the beauty of Paris and its extremely sophisticated culinary culture. It is not like London, another city I love, as I studied there at the London School of Economics. In London it really does not matter where you are from. In Paris it does and the French will most likely always stick to the French, so it is not easy building up a French group of friends. But once you do, they are ,of course, lovely. However, it helped me a lot connecting to other international mommies in Paris and today most of my friends are international mamas who are either expats or, who are like me, got married to a French man.

– What is your favourite place in Paris where you often come to and why?

– Like most people I am magically attracted by the Tour Eiffel. Lucky us, we can see it from our balcony, but what I love is combining  a visit at the aquarium, which is situated between the tour Eiffel and Trocadero, and strolling around that area enjoying the big view on this monument.

– What is on in Paris that is worth a visit?

– I visited last week the exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. It is very modern and exactly how I love it. A Japanese artist supplied some extraordinary colourful pieces. My 16 months old daughter Mathilda screamed of joy in every room we entered (not to the amusement of everyone lol). The exhibition is still on until 27.08.18. The Fondation is located right next to the Jardin d’Acclimatation so you can have a stroll through the Bois de Boulogne.

– What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris?

– Find quickly like-minded people, and your life will be way easier and joyful. If you are a mommy or not, find people you can connect to. There are many organisations, that can help you with this. If you are a mama, write me and I can give you some personal advice.

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