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La Caféothèque


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When it’s cold and rainy outside I prefer to explore Paris from inside…I mean being inside of a brasserie or café. So, today I invite you to a very cute place to drink a cup of coffee. We are in La Caféothèque.

We open the door and… feel strong smell of coffee. On your left there is a huge coffee grinder. Ok, let’s choose a table. The first hall is very cozy with sofas (I will be able to spend here half of the day). If you climb up the stairs you’ll discover a coffee bar and the second salon with shabby style furniture, French touch 🙂
Coffee carte is must be the reason why this place became so popular. Here you can order coffee from every corner of the world. I chose the coffee of the day with vanilla and cactus scents… Original, isn’t? The coffee is accompanied by delicious tarte. I am sure to be back!

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