My spring beauty case

Every time when spring comes I have 2 problems: nothing to wear and almost
all my makeup products have finished. While I’m still facing the
first issue, the second one has been solved.

This spring I decided to change my
Clarins foundation for Dior BB cream for the reason that BB cream is much more
lightweight which is perfect for warm Parisian spring. In addition to it, I
also bought the Dior 
Nude Shimmer highlighting powder to fix my BB cream and
have a long-lasting effect. 
As for the lip
gloss, I have been buying Clarins instant light natural lip perfector for 2
years now and I find it simply gorgeous! It’s natural, delicious and moisturizes
the lips. Just perfect!

For a perfect
look, I chose the Dior shades of 5 colors designer. It is quite
simple to apply and thanks to all-in-one palette you have a professional makeup.
To hydrate my
skin, I use Chanel Hydramax+Active cream in winter season. In my opinion, this
cream is perfect for cold time, but it’s a little bit heavy for warm days. So, now I am thinking about buying a new cream.
And finally, to
take care of my nails I’ve chosen Essie treatment ”all in one”

Well, it seems to me that without even realizing it, I
became Dior addicted since I’ve
 been also seduced by Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
I’ve recently received L’Occitane peony
lip balm
as a present. I haven’t used it yet but I definitely like how it

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