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Nottingham: One Day Trip

All people who are craving to escape from daily duties in order to chill out somewhere not far from London, may find Nottingham as a good option.

If you are lucky to have international driving licence, the trip to the city on Trent river will take less than 1,5 hour from Birmingham and 2,5 hours from London.

The first half of March is characterized by variable weather. In general, The UK is famous for the «nice weather», but in March it turns even more unpredictable. Nevertheles, all that you need is to set yourself up for having a nice day in Nottingham.

Wollaton Hall

The first stop is Wollaton Hall. This is the amazing mansion of 16th century with a large park and a lake behind the castle. As far as exhibitions are considered, you may find some of them on the 1st floor of the building which used to be changed several times per year. What I was admired of is that a Tea Room that might be booked by everyone who is fancy of traditional English Tea Time break. You will love the style of the Tea room along with the menu. If you have a special occasion or just want to enjoy an evening with your friends, Do It! Just remember, the service is available only on Sunday from 12 till 3pm.

The view on the Golf park is opened for visitors behind the mansion. You may not believe in that, but Golf players are accompanied by deers who seem to have fun by observing the games of professionals and beginners.

Unfortunately, if you are just a visitor you do not have an access to Golf Zone. Thus, deers will be seen only from Park Zone.

Nottingham City

Speaking about Nottingham , at the first sight, Nottingham looks like a really small city where a shopping area is layed around The Wheel of Nottingham. There are plenty of restorants and Cafes the one  can find basing on own preferences. One of which is White Rabbit (Teahouse) that got 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvasor. The pasteries are really tasty, but space is limitited. if you are not a fan of the feeling of claustrophobia or peoples vicinity, let’s visit, otherwise, you can delight the eye and stomack either by visiting the other places such as Kitty Cafe, Olive and 220 degrees or the chain of global cafes such as Nero, Costa or Sratbucks. But be aware, this is a very busy area, therefore, that is not easy to find  a free place over the weekend.

Nottingham Castle

There is one more place that should be visiting, Nottingham Castle, if you are planning to peep into the city. If you have time, you should have a look at Caves or as it is called «The City of Caves» in addition to the mesum tour. The castle is fully used as a museum. If you are an aesthete do not hesitate to go there. Furthermore, a good vantage point could be found just in fromt of the exit where you can enjoy the panoramic view.


Nottingham will definitely catch fancy for everyone.

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