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OKA restaurant, Paris

Suivant le conseil du Figaro, j’ai décide
de découvrir moi-même ce fameux restaurant franco-brésilien ou il faut attendre
2 semaines pour obtenir une table. Location: close to Montmartre, 
Ambiance: convivial, 8 tables
menu unique de 6 plats à 35€. Tout est préparé devant toi !
Le restaurant à recommander!

What i didn’t expect when booking a franco-brasilian restaurant was to find service and cuisine that are worth being mentioned in every restaurant guide I know. Perhapse, this is the reason why I had to wait for 2 weeks to get a table in OKA.

Location: close to Montmartre, 
Cuisine: franco-brasilian 
Atmosphere: cosy restaurant with 8 tables, friendly staff
Menu: except for drinks you don’t choose anything, since there is a menu (35€) that consists of 6 courses served during diner. Everything is prepared in front of you!

Bill: 70€ for 2 people plus drinks

Note: 5/5

I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone who likes exquisite cuisine and out of common dishes. I am sure to be back! 

Tip: I advise you to book a table 3-4 weeks in advance. 

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