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Paris with Nina (@lanina_illustration)

We continue sharing interesting stories of people who have a passion for Paris and today we have an interview with Nina, talented illustrator and one of the pop-up artists that help Gallery Lafayette to entertain their guests during events with live art.

– Nina, tell us your story how you decided to become a blogger and who is your audience?

After studying fashion and graphic design in Munich, I first started to work in advertising agencies – which I didn’t like at all. So I quit my job and joined the promotion department of one of the largest media companies worldwide –Condé Nast which is home to brands such as VOGUE, GLAMOUR, GQ and WIRED.

That’s where I had my key experience that started my career as an illustrator. Our entire department was working on a campaign for one of our biggest accounts when the lead illustrator got sick. No way that we could meet the deadline without him – was what our boss told us in the morning. Without really thinking about the responsibility I’m taking on, I said: „I can do it. I’m really good at drawing people.“
That was my first illustration job and pretty much how my career as an illustrator started. The client was happy, my boss was happy – and the media company really liked my style and continued to give me more tasks for other clients such as Guhl, Shiseido, DB, Triumph lingerie, Jil Sander, Joop, Motorola.
Overall, I’m really grateful for the creative director who took a risk in giving a young professional a shot – and looking back, I’m also proud that I was brave enough to raise up to the task.

Since then I’m working as an illustrator for commercial and editorial brands, mainly in the fields of fashion, beauty, kids, lifestyle and food. My goal is to bring out the personality of a brand through my illustrations and tell a story that inspires. Moreover, I also cooperate with brands for events, i.e. I’m one of the pop-up artists that help the French shopping mall Gallery Lafayette to entertain their guests during events with live art.

– What do you find the most rewarding about being an illustrator blogger?

– One aspect I love about my job is that it’s very interactive. Every project is different, every brand has a unique story to tell. On the creative side, I love that I can create something new that inspires people.

What would you advise people who are interested in an illustrator blogging career?

-First of all, I recommend anybody who’s thinking about starting a career as an illustrator or blogger to think about themselves and define what they as a person really stand for. When you know yourself, your dreams, your passions and are convinced about what you want to do, you automatically transfer that message when you’re interacting with people and they’ll believe in you and your mission.

Also, I learned that illustrating is more than doing a job on the paper or on the computer. People are interested in the person who does the work and an important aspect to get clients is to network and convince them that you’re the right person for the job.

– Where do you get inspiration?

-From everywhere – literally.

While traveling, from my son, when in nature, living in the city – but it can also be a banana that’s lying on my plate.
I’m a very visual person and draw from all kinds of forms, shapes and colors. And I love to be inspired by other illustrators as well.

– Why is Paris so special to you?

– When I first traveled to Paris as a teenager it became my favorite city. I love the spirit that’s in the air – it’s so beautiful and as a visual person really inspiring because everything is so aesthetic – the people, the french cuisine, the houses and terraces in the cafés, the streets, the art. Now when I visit Paris from Berlin where I live with my family it feels like a second home.

3 most exciting places to visit in Paris.

– For me it`s definitely the Louvre, Montmartre and le Centre Pompidou where you can see nice exhibitions and the Marais quarter.

– Do you think Paris helps you to achieve your goals?

– Paris is probably the biggest influence in my illustration. A lot of people associate my style of drawing with Paris or France – take a look at my Instragam and let me know if you think that’s true.

– What is your favourite place in Paris where you often come to and why?

– My personal recommendation when visiting Paris is to take some time and really get into the vibe of the city. Start your day with a breakfast at a nice French cafe (i.e. at Hardware Société) and then take a long stroll around Montmartre and the Seine.

– What do you like and don’t like about living in Paris?

– We have never lived in Paris, but rather in Bordeaux. I can imagine the perks of living in Paris are the access to so many incredible places like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, and all of the gardens. The negative side is that it is a large city and very expensive to live in. We chose Bordeaux for its laid back atmosphere and of course…the wine!

*Photos, grammar and syntax belong to @lanina_illustration

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