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Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane: a new shopping experience

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Paris has always have special relationships with beauty products and macarons. These two make our lives more beautiful and sweeter.

That was the idea behind the concept store by l’Occitane and Pierre Hermé which opened its doors in 86 Champs Elysées some time ago.

When it comes to a product package,  l’Occitane applies to the concept of Pierre Hermé and presents their products in a box similar to macarons.

As for l’Occitane shop environment, the cute boutique will definitely impress everyone by the unique design and the service provided. Basically, one can find it pleasant to talk to the staff and try something new (obviously leaving with another hand cream and a nice gift since the company loves spoiling their clients).

Whether you are a Parisian citizen or a tourist looking for a new shopping experience or new places to be exicited, you should go there and  discover a newly opened concept store.

Two brands have also imagined new perfumes like grapefruit and rhubarb, exclusively available at the concept store in Paris. Any questions?

Would you like to be the first and experience an exclusive product from l’Occitane? Then, a “giveaway” is about to arrive.

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