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Rachelle Saevil (@saevilrow) and her Parisian story

We are lucky to have a chance to interview Rachelle Saevil also known as @saevilrow. Rachelle is sharing her Parisian story and how it influenced her career success.

– What did motivate you to move to Paris for a short-time period? 

– I was at a time in my life where I was craving a big change and move. I had always spoken french and had been to Paris twice before, so I was compelled to experience life there. I booked a one-way ticket in 2014 and didn’t look back!

– What does Paris make so special to you? 

– Paris is like no other city I’ve been to in my life. The architecture sets the scene for a beautiful experience. I love getting lost in the city, stumbling across a cute café and especially love the long summer evenings. 

– 3 most exciting places you would recommend to visit in Paris.

Montmartre has to be one of my favourite areas because you can almost feel the history here. I absolute love the streets leading up to Sacré Coeur, they’re just magical! Otherwise Notre Dame is absolutely gorgeous not only from the front, but the back as well. Finally, Jardin des Tuilleries is beautiful and you can stroll forever through the lined trees.


“Paris was a huge step in personal and professional growth. I was able to carve the space I needed to create my business”

How being in Paris did help you in your goal achievement? 

– Moving to Paris was a huge step in personal and professional growth. I was able to carve the space I needed to create my business, Saevil Row, which is a full service creative studio, specializing in branding and website design. Being in an inspiring city like Paris really lends to the Parisian sense of style I’ve incorporated into my brand.

– What did you like and didn’t like about living in Paris?

– I liked everything EXCEPT the bureaucracy (opening a bank account, renting an apt, etc) and the smoking.  

– What is your favourite place in Paris where you often come to and why?

 – Le Marais. It was the area where I had my first apartment and it’s full of my favourite coffee shops and boutique. 

– What would be your advice to anyone who wants to settle down in Paris?

– If you don’t speak french, make an effort to learn. it’s a beautiful language and you will enjoy the experience that much more!

– As a businesswoman  what do you find the most important in order to be successful in career?

– Patience and persistence will win every time. But it’s also important to remember to celebrate the small wins, as they’ll keep you motivated to push through any hard times.

*Photos, grammar and syntax belong to @saevilrow

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