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Endless Summer

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Having visited many countries, one day you start to realize that now it’s not only about visiting a new place (which is always exciting of course) but also about returning to the places that captured your heart previously.

This is exactly what happened with the Maldives. For the first time we flew there a few years ago. After planning the trip for more than a month we finally chose to stay in a guest house in Baa Atoll. We wanted to discover the islands as much as we could and didn’t care much about comfort.

This year was so exhausting so that when we realized that we had the whole week for ourselves, we knew exactly where we wanted to land.

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The Reethi Beach Resort turned out to be our ideal home for a week. Deluxe villa just a few steps away from the ocean… we couldn’t ask for more.

One hour away from Male airport with domestic airline followed by 15 min speedboat ride and a friendly team of the resort welcomed us.

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The Island is pretty big comparing to other Maldivian resorts and incredibly green. Can you Imagine that there is even the Reethi Garden?

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As you may know, Reefs in the Maldives have been badly affected by bleaching due to the global warming. So, the snorkeling is less “colorful” now that it used to be a few years ago and it makes me feel so sad… Nevertheless, we enjoyed the house reef with plenty of fish, sharks (!) and turtles. Moreover, every evening the hotel feeds stingrays so you have a chance to meet these cuties as well.

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