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The scent of Lavender flowers…The Lavender Fields Trips

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The scent of Lavender flowers…The Lavender Fields Trips

The time when Lavender in blooming takes place between the end of June and August…The latter you come there, the more chance to enjoy these flowers in full blooming, and when they achieve 50-75cm height includes the flower stalks. Don’t leave your visit till the last warm days because when there are 3 sunny days in a raw, lavender can be harvested at any times in August. Our advice is to have a visit there by the end of July.

South of France can boast beautiful Lavender fields with Valensole plateau which is situated at an altitude of 500 metres in the south of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Delicate Lavender Aroma and bees make the place unique and charming. Next time we would like to experience bike riding here driving by the immence fields. When visiting do not forget to look around and capture these views and the scent of lavender in your memory.

While this summer Instagram is brimming with pictures taken in Valensole we decided to cross the English Channel to discover stunning lavender fields.

On our way to Costwold Farm

We like to travel and discover new place, which we can strongly recommend you to visit as well.

Luckily, over summer we had a great chance to have a visit to the farm of our friends, to Hill Barn Farm. It is literally in the heart of Costwolds, a tiny cosy town, not far from Stratford- upon-Avon, a hometown of W.Sheakspeare.

A big variety of Lavender flowers can be found here (around 40) along with wildlife flowers and a Camomile field.

Everything starts with lavender cultivation, a distillation process follows after Lavender harvesting. Once Lavender oil is extracting, cross-country selling takes place.

Interestingly, but guys are doing a great job, because the number of farm visitors are constantly growing. You are allowed to observe the distillation process, but be careful, a strong Aroma might make your head spin). There is a café offered big variety of wild berries beverages and pastries. Facilities for children and animals bring joy for each family member;).

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service, friendly staff and the sunny weather, which is not typical for England.

After a short excursion, we were invited to taste Lavander Ice-creame! Have you tasted it before? We can not tell you, how amazing it was, a lavender explosion in every bite. If you have a thirst for a new taste and adventure you should come over and experience.

The guys started production of their cosmetic line, pure natural, pure ECO, proudly made in Great Britain. It is now sold around the world. We brought some of their products with us, and would like to organize “GIVEAWAY” in order to give you an opportunity to experience it by yourselves.

One set of products will move to the brightest shot made in Lavender fields over this summer. All you need is to

  • Upload a picture in Instagram featuring Lavender fields tagging @myparisstyle under #MyParisStyle

No worries if you don’t have any picture of this kind! We will gift another set to one of our followers who is far away from us, but who is willing to become closer to Lavender Dream. All you nees is to

  • Tag 2 friends in Instagram you want to make a Lavender journey with 

The winners will be announced in 1 weeks. Follow us, ask questions, win prizes and enjoy your summer holidays!


Silk blouse and trench: Dressarte Paris

Glasses& watch: Kapten&Son

Lavender Farm: Cotswold Lavender Farm

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