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If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely know that last week I spent in Strasbourg, Alsace. It’s a very special city with a particular story, and it’s definitely not easy to say if this city is more French or German. The French language-yes, but cuisine, food, architecture are far from being typically French. However, we can never say exactly what a typical French city is, every region of France is like a little country.
Strasbourg…While it can be rather hot in summer, in winter it’s probably one of the coldest cities of France. If youhave ever visited the Netherlands in winter, you will understand what the weather looks like in Strasbourg (humidity, wind and snow+rain). The historic part of the city is not big, but very beautiful. I really enjoyed walking around the city, exploring its tiny streets and taking pictures of cute houses and doors.
As for the food, Strasbourg is famous for flams, choucroute, and sausages. I am not a big fan of that kind of food, but every time I am in Strasbourg I can’t resist eating a classic flam with cheese, cream and lardons. By the way, don’t expect to find here croissants, pain aux raisin or pain au chocolat like the one you may eat in Paris. In Strasbourg, they use a different type of pastry to bake them and thus they are twice bigger and not so delicious. However, I found another tasty pastry instead: cretzel with nuts
and honey. Mmmmm!
What to see in Strasbourg. It really depends on your interests. You can visit European Parliament or Council of Europe…
Otherwise you can check a few museums around the city. In good weather, it’s such a pleasure to walk along the canals or to take a boat tour and to see the city from a different prospective. Besides this, you can also visit ….Germanywhich is just 15 min away by bus.


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