Surprise! Win a Kusmi Tea gift card!

Dear Reader,
I am sure you have
already heard about Kusmi Tea, a brand of tea that has 140 years of history. If
it doesn’t say anything to you, here is more information. This tea company was
not always a French one since it was founded by a Russian man, Mr Kousmichoff,
a merchant from Saint-Petersburg. And it is in 1917 when the first tea shop
called the Maison Kusmi-Thé was opened in Paris. But we had to wait till 2003
to get to know an international brand Kusmi Tea when Kousmichoff company was
bought by the Orebi brothers.

My favorite Kusmi
Tea shop is the one located on the Champs-Elysées since you can not only buy
tea there but also spend some time in a cafe which is on the 1st floor. For me
Kusmi Tea can be described as the most original tea company: original packaging
and original flavors. Recently, I’ve
 fallen in love with a new
flavor: BB detox, 
blend of maté, green tea and rooibos, flavored
with a subtle hint of grapefruit.

And now it is time
for surprise! You can also try BB detox or any other kind of Kusmi
Tea since I have a present for you: A
 for 25€ (or 25$)
which can be redeemed
against any item on the site.

All you need is to
send a comment below why you would like to receive a Kusmi Tea gift card and like
Paris Style page here!

Good luck,

Yours, NN


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