Worth a visit

Welcome to Saint Tropez

Le plus chic de tous les villages français, Saint-Tropez est un
lieu incontournable pour les riches, pour ceux qui aiment les riches, pour ceux
qui veulent prendre des photos des riches ou tout simplement qui sont curieux pourquoi
Saint-Tropez a cette réputation et comment il est en réalité (c’est mon cas).
  Voila, regardez-vous !








I am sure you have heard a lot about this small village of glamour which is located in French RivieraSaint Tropez is the place where you can easily meet celebrities, rent a luxury yacht and villa, and drive a red Lamborghini…because everyone does it there…

Well, none of the things mentioned above was in my plans. Staying in a small beautiful city of Hyeres, which is about one hour away from St Tropez, I just made a day trip to discover this famous village. What surprisesd me there is that despite that fact that that the village is brimming with dressed-in-Chanel-Dior-Gucci people and luxury cars, St Tropez has still its charm of small fishing village that it used to be before. Well, now it’s time for you to discover St Tropez!

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