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What to pack to Paris?

If you are going to Paris in the near future then you are probably wondering what you should take with you. Sneakers or high heels? Gorgeous outfit or t-shirt and jeans?
Sure, you choice will depend on the program you have but here are 5 things that may be useful for your trip to Paris. 
Comfortable shoes.
If you plan to visit a few tourist attractions, I am sure you will be tired after the first day of exhaustive walk since there are so many things to see in Paris. So, make sure you pack at least one pair of comfortable shoes.
Big suitcase.
I won’t believe you if shopping isn’t in your plans. Paris is brimming with boutiques and I think that you can even become a shopaholic here. So, it could be a good idea to foresee enough space in your luggage for many souvenirs you will buy for your friends, grand-parents, flat mates and so on.
In sunny weather, the one that we are having now, you will need them while having a stroll in Paris gardens, Versailles park, or just along the Seine.
Since Parisian weather is so changeable, make sure that you also pack a small umbrella, so that even rain won’t spoil your vacations in Paris.

If you don’t speak French, it could be wise to take a dictionary with you. Don’t worry, people will help you if you get lost! But anyway, it’s useful to learn a few everyday French phrases which will be of a great help in shops, cafes or museums : ‘I don’t speak French= Je ne parle pas français’ or ‘I’m looking for …= je cherche …’

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